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Here’s Why It’s Time You Switched from Monolithic to the Cloud

Cloud-based applications seem to be everywhere these days, but you might still have reservations about leaving behind your familiar monolithic architecture. After all, as the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Unfortunately, that saying comes from a simpler time—an era of steam engines and power looms. It doesn’t really apply in the […]

Custom software development process

Understanding the Process Behind Custom Software Development

Building custom software for your business is a smart move in 2021. Mobile apps — one of the most obvious examples of custom software — are predicted to make over $935 billion worldwide in the next two years alone. But how will a developer create your custom software, and how much will it cost? These […]

RxViz – Visualize the Half-Life of Substances

RxViz is a tool that Razor Sharp Consulting developed to help visualize the stacking effect of half-life of various substances when taken multiple times. Doctors will analyze these kinds of charts when determining how often you need to take a certain substance to maintain a desired steady-state dosage. Let's examine the usage of acetaminophen as [...]

Configure CloudWatch Agent

What is CloudWatch Agent? The Unified CloudWatch Agent is a utility that is installed on your virtual machine to provide metrics such as: Disk Utilization, Memory Utilization, Swap Usage, and CPU Utilization that are not available to EC2.  The CloudWatch Agent enables you to capture custom application and OS metrics allowing you to keep an [...]