Application Infrastructure Hosting

At Razor Sharp Consulting we understand that the infrastructure that runs your applications is the most important.  With over 50 client applications being hosted currently, you can trust that Razor Sharp Consulting can provide you with the availability, scalability, and performance that you need.

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, many applications or websites may reside on a single server. This is generally the most economical option for hosting as server maintenance and upkeep is spread across multiple customers.

Serverless Hosting

Serverless hosting provides an ability to host functions and methods within the cloud on shared infrastructure further limiting operating costs.


Whether your application requires a SQL database or you are building a modern application using a NO-SQL database platform, we have you covered.

Managed WordPress

WordPress is both a blessing and a curse to the web development industry. The large community results in constant change and attention from black hats. A Managed WordPress instance allows you to forget about that stuff and focus on your content.


User security is paramount in every application. Regardless of the size of application being built, Razor Sharp Consulting always focuses on ensuring that our Calgary clients applications are secure.


Our partnership with Amazon allows us to offer unparalleled storage solutions for our clients. Performance, scalability, and security are all at the forefront of our storage solutions.
Standard Website Hosting
$ 50 / Month
Standard website hosting on a virtual dedicated server providing high performance and fast load times.

Frequently Asked Hosting Questions (FAQ)

Where will my application be hosted?

Razor Sharp Consulting has maintained an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership since 2016 and can offer the most competitive pricing through their infrastructure.  We will work with you to determine if a specific geographical zone is most suitable or if we need to setup global distribution.

How long does it take to move my website over to Razor Sharp Consulting?

Depending upon the infrastructure that your application is hosted on currently, we can typically move your application over to our infrastructure within 24-48 hours.

What kind of service availability can I expect?

We strongly believe that if our customers applications are not running or functioning that they are missing opportunities.  We strive to provide 99.999% (5 nines) uptime for all of our clients.

Are there any hidden costs?


What level of access will I get to my server?

We offer all of our clients either a virtual dedicated server, or a dedicated server infrastructure within our AWS environment.  All clients should have the following access to their servers:

  • SSH
  • HTTP


If additional access is required, Razor Sharp Consulting can provision it, however, we limit the offering to the above by default for security reasons.