Custom Websites

A properly designed and laid out website is vital to the online presence of your business.  Razor Sharp Consulting has been helping Calgary businesses with high quality, fast, search engine optimized websites since 2016.  With over 50 happy clients, we are the correct choice for your next website project.

Copywriting & Content

The content and copy on your website is vital to how your website is indexed and ranked by search engines. Our team of copywriters will tailor your content to fit your intended audience.


While performance and load times are not super important for overall ranking, research has been shown that websites with higher load times have higher bounce rates.

Search Console & Analytics

After a website has been launched, our team will monitor the Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see how the website is performing and to identify whether any content tweaks need to be made.

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Case Study

Razor Sharp Consulting is commonly hired by Calgary businesses looking to refresh their existing dated websites.  Household Refrigeration & Appliance Service reached out to us to help them revitalize their old website and help them generate some organic leads.



We decided to break the service offering into 3 different categories: Washer and Dryer, Deepfreeze and Refrigeration, and Kitchen Appliances. We then worked with our copywriter and designer to develop copy for each service with appropriate images.

To enhance the search engine presence of the website, we also worked with our copywriter and designer to write a few appliance maintenance tips. Starting with 3 different tips and will work with the client in the future to add more.

E-commerce Support

Looking to sell products on your website? We have you covered. Razor Sharp Consulting offers full e-commerce solutions for our clients.

Collect Data

We have fully customizable forms to collect data from users, or provide a signup / registration functions.


We can provide you with the ability to let users signup for a newsletter on your website to keep them up to date on the latest news and products that you offer.

Full SSL Support

Our Calgary custom websites are always hosted with full SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support ensuring that your customers feel safe and secure browsing and completing purchases through your website. Having an SSL certificate in place shows users that you are who you say you are, and also ensures that the connection between the users browser and your web server is encrypted.

Automatic Maintenance

With our managed WordPress Instances, you do not need to worry about security updates or patches. We include this in our hosting packages.

Managed WordPress Instances

All of our client websites are hosted within our Amazon AWS environment using virtual dedicated servers (VDS) to provide a managed WordPress Instance.
$500 / as low as
Premium quality website design and development services. Specializing in creating mobile responsive, search engine optimized websites from day one.

Frequently Asked Website Questions (FAQ)

How much does it usually cost to build a website?

Not all websites are alike and therefore do not require the same level of effort or level of engagement from Razor Sharp Consulting.  We typically tell our clients to budget between $2,000 and $6,000 for a custom designed website.

Where do we get the images from?

We work with our clients to either obtain relevant stock images, or we will work with a photographer to capture the required images.