RxViz is a tool that Razor Sharp Consulting developed to help visualize the stacking effect of half-life of various substances when taken multiple times. Doctors will analyze these kinds of charts when determining how often you need to take a certain substance to maintain a desired steady-state dosage.

Let’s examine the usage of acetaminophen as an example. The half-life of acetaminophen is 2-4 hours (120-240 minutes). The recommended frequency is every 4-6 hours and you’re not to exceed 8 doses in 24 hours.

Dose – 325

Half-Life – 180 (minutes)

Frequency – 240 (Every 4 hours)

Periods – 8 (Max doses in 24 hours)

You can see that with such a short half-life that when taken every 4 hours, there is very little stacking and the consumer achieves a steady state immediately.