3 Tools You Should Be Using! No More YouTube Ads!

Never watch another YouTube ad, learn to take screenshots of portions of your screen, and login to multiple Facebook accounts at once!  Check out these 3 tools that you should already be using!

Ad Blockers

The advertising & branding industry generates a global spend of over $550 Billion USD every year.  Advertisements, although sometimes useful, are usually a nuisance!  Advertisers have started inserting advertisements into games and videos that we are forced to watch.

Not even 30 seconds into this video and an advertisement is displayed that covers a considerable portion of the screen.  Viewers are then forced to ‘close’ that advertisement and wait until the next one appears.

With an ad blocker installed, such as uBlock Origin, you will see no YouTube advertisements.  Below is the same video, you can see that uBlock prevented over 300 advertising related requests.

Snip & Sketch

We have all needed to take a screenshot of something on our screen.  Using prt scr works but usually requires us to open the image in ms paint to crop it down to the part we want to focus on.

Windows 10 has a tool built in called Snip & Sketch.  You can find it on your start menu.  Clicking New will allow you to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen.

After making your selection you will have the option to draw on the image and either save it, or copy it to your clipboard.  Many apps, such as Facebook, allow you to paste an image directly from this tool.

Chrome Incognito Mode

Have you ever tried to login to Facebook on a friends computer?  Or maybe check your email?  No doubt you logged out of your friends account, and then logged in to yours.  Chrome Incognito Mode is a feature built into Google Chrome that allows you to browse without storing cookies or sessions allowing you to login to multiple accounts at once.

Launch Incognito mode either from the menu -> New incognito window, or by pressing ctrl + shift + n.

As mentioned in the screenshot, Chrome will not save your browsing history, cookies and website data, or any information you enter into forms (including login information).

Incognito mode is not a VPN service and does not encrypt or obscure the network traffic in any way.  Anything you do within an incognito window will still be visible to your employer (if at work) or school, and internet service provider.